Unrivalled accuracy


Typically, dental scanners have two axis of movement, which greatly limits the data they can capture. Because our scanner has five axis of motion, it can easily move to the correct location to obtain all the information needed to create the best possible 3D image.


Our novel scanner head uses innovative technology that allows it to view the tightest of spaces and ensuring optimal scan coverage with micron-precision.

Novel scanning software


All current scanners use a series of initial scan positions programmed in a factory. The operator then manually identifies and scans any gaps in information missed by the initial scan pattern.

In contrast, our software uses an algorithm that calculates the ideal location for our scanner to take an optimum scan without any human input. This reduces scan time, improves scan coverage and is more convenient for the operator.


Because some areas of an impression are impossible to scan, current scanners typically produce scans with gaps in information.

To overcome this significant problem, we have developed a hybrid-patching algorithm which identifies gaps in a scan and flexibly patches in the corresponding area from the scanned model.

This invaluable extra information will ultimately mean dentists spend less time carrying out intraoral adjustments to ensure a prosthetic fits perfectly.


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