The issues we're solving

Over the past ten years, the use of digital dentistry to examine, diagnose and treat patients has grown significantly.

The latest generation of dentists are accustomed to using digital technology in every aspect of the dental care they provide.

In addition, patients increasingly expect to benefit from technology that will help to solve their dental problems quickly and conveniently.

Currently, digital dentistry solutions provide limited and inaccurate data to a dentist about a patient’s teeth and mouth.

Existing digital technology is expensive, cumbersome, and difficult to incorporate into a dentist’s day-to-day workflow.

Our pioneering team

The Technical team, Executive team and Advisory Board of Mimetrik Solutions Limited have many years of experience in digital dentistry, dental technology, biomaterials as well as in product development and regulatory certification. Key project members are listed below.

Unrivalled clinical insight


Our technology provides industry-leading resolution and accuracy allowing it to be used across all restorative and orthodontic clinical pathways


Our team consists of experienced clinicians from all branches of dentistry and our technology solves the problems that they have identified.


Our strong academic background means that all our work is based on the best research, exceptional clinical expertise and patient-centred values.

World-leading experience

Mimetrik is developing genuine solutions to real clinical problems that are currently unsolved or poorly answered.

We are doing this by building on our many years of pioneering research at the Department of Digital Dentistry at the University of Leeds School of Dentistry.

Mimetrik understand how technology needs to be used in the clinic, the issues dentists often face during the working week, and the different priorities they may have, depending on their practice.

Our world-leading expertise has already led to the development of a five-axis scanner and software that in clinical trials has produced scans at a far higher level of accuracy than any existing product on the market.